Innovative removal laser eases tattoo regret

Innovative removal laser eases tattoo regret

Thursday, March 08, 2018


Robert Woodstock Bader


  1. Free Removal of Racism, Gang and Human Trafficking Tattoos
    11 Mar, 2018
    Free Removal of Racism, Gang and Human Trafficking Tattoos
    The first time that I had the thought of one day getting into tattoo removal was in 2011. At the time, I was managing over a different tattoo shop other than the quality studio I own today. An older gentleman, full of warmth and jolly laughter was getting a small, new tattoo to dedicate to his newly-birthed granddaughter. As he told funny stories he collected a lot of eyes and ears in the shop. Loving great stories, I too found myself hovering over him, it was then that I noticed a deeply racist
  2. Front Page Quad City Times
    13 Apr, 2018
    Front Page Quad City Times
    We are fortunate enough that we have the support of not only our local community but also the support of communities from further away places. Recently, we had a kind reporter by the name of Amanda Hancock travel over an hour to sit down with me and ask me questions about my tattoo removal business. I remember thinking she was a bit shyer than I'd expect a journalist to be. I offered her coffee and we sat and just talked.  Amanda did a wonderful job at making me feel comfortable in her presence,
  3. Channel 7 News Coverage Free Removal
    04 Apr, 2018
    Channel 7 News Coverage Free Removal
    He is a cool quick news story about us from KWWL 7.  One piece of nformation is incorrect though, as i am not a proffesional tattooer.
  4. Support with our mission.
    02 Apr, 2018
    Support with our mission.
    It's absolutely humbling to see so much response to our actions. Check out these links of 2 other recentlry posted artilces about our work here.
  5. Retrospect Press Release in PR Newswire
    26 Mar, 2018
    Retrospect Press Release in PR Newswire
    DUBUQUE, Iowa, March 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Retrospect Tattoo Removal is transforming people's skin and lives through safe and effective tattoo removal. Residents throughout Dubuque and the Tri-State area can now receive professional laser removal of their unwanted ink from the experts at Retrospect. The up and coming laser tattoo removal clinic is holding its grand opening on April 2nd featuring the industry-leading Astanza Duality laser. "Laser tattoo removal has become something much
  6. Amazing Laser Tecnology
    07 Mar, 2018
    Amazing Laser Tecnology
    Tested Technology, Proven Results!  The medical research community agrees that Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers are the best solution to unwanted tattoos. Decades of clinical research have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers for tattoo removal and other epidermal and dermal pigmentation removal treatments. Q-switching, flat top beams, variable spot sizes, and many other technical features of Astanza systems are greatly favored by the medical community. Q-switching: A laser
  7. Client Tattoo Removal Stories
    04 Mar, 2018
    Client Tattoo Removal Stories
    Once you click this article, you can watch a video of a few testimonials from clients who have experienced the Astanza Laser Technology for themselves. With 25% of previously tattooed people wishing they can remove at least one of their tattoos, we have given you a solution. We are proud to offer Dubuque and the tri-state area with the only laser tattoo removal clinic. Feel free to comment and share.